Bayo Ref: 7321 d PD (not available)

Unique piece (1/1) single reference 7321 d PD

Black Damacore Bayo blade profile and horizontal laser engraved pattern on polished Ti 6Al-4v channel handle + Full DLC coating (2 micron layer hard 2200 HV) .
Custom Zirc 702 Torx screw and Ti 6Al-4v Barrel Plug System (h7 tolerances). The blade runs on ZrO2 ball bearings, hardened steel (45/47 HRC) washers over the bearings finished by hand to get the perfect tolerance, no play between the handles and a unique sound that distinguishes the Pinsless system.
The balde steel is hardened with vacuum treatment with gas cooling, this is to obtain the maximum performance for the Damacore Damasteel steel, reaches a hardness of 60 HRC.

Important note:
The blade is sharpened only on the lower side, the top of the blade is dull.
All balisong models have no blade locking mechanism (latch-less), this to accommodate their use for sports purposes (Balisong flipping).

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Total Length (Open Position): 10″/ 25,5 cm
Total Length (Closed Position): 5,55″ / 14 cm
Handle Length: 5,47″ / 13,9 cm
Handle thickness: 0,55″ / 1,4 cm
Blade Length: 4,95″ / 12,5 cm
Blade thickness: 0,157″ / 0,4 cm
Weight: 4,7 Ounces / 134 grams
Handle Material: Ti 6Al-4V
Handle Finish: polished + horizontal pattern made by laser engraving + DLC decò coating
Blade Material: Damacore DC18N Damasteel  (N11X core + Rwl-34 / PMC27 outer layers) 60HRC
Blade Finish: High polishing + etching + DLC decò coating
Pin Design: Pinsless
Handle Design: Channel
Latch Design: Latchless