Pinsless System

I was looking for a design that could make balisong balanced and with a minimal and elegant appearance and I was inspired by the teachings of the great master Mies van der Rohe “Less is more”…
The Pinsless system creates a minimal and functional design based on a few but good rules:
– no pins
– channel handles
– high quality materials
These few elements create a performing and indestructible balisong!

To protect myself from clones the design of the knife model (not the mechanism) is a patent registered by Vincenzo Fiore N° 402018000003186

Pinsless Project

I think that for a good balance you have to keep these two measures low:
distance between the center of the two holes and distance between the center of the hole and the outer perimeter of the blade head (where there is the nipple in the zen pins).
In my pinsless design these two distances are reduced to a minimum, this allows to work better with the center of rotation of the balisong.
So thanks to the particular characteristic of the Blade Head and the Chaplin's Bow, the Pinsless system brings the fingers near the center of rotation of the balisong; this creates an optimal balance!

Aligned Pivot Barrels System

The Aligned Pivot Barrels System allows you to tighten the two screws with force allowing the blade to slide smoothly! The barrel aligns perfectly with the floor of the torx screw, this creates a spacer that allowing the blade not to get stuck but to slide smoothly.
Above the ball bearings I insert a hardened steel washer, I adjust the tolerances of the washers by hand in order to have 0 play between the handles.


A great selection of combos showing how the Pinsless system works!
Thank you so much to @the_italian_flipper whose talent honors my balisongs.