LOGAN Ref: 2515 P-B (not available)

Logan balisong comes out thanks to the collaboration with the great Tashi Bharucha! An intense and stimulating experience of design comparison that led us to create a balisong with an original identity.
The blade takes up the classic “claw” design that Tashi loves to develop and it is made of Rwl-34 steel and high polished, runs on bearings with hardened steel shims. The channel handles are made of solid Titanium 6Al-4V and have a double surface finish which ensures correct grip: polished in the ends and sand + bead blasted in the central part. Logan balisong is built respecting the canons of pinsless design, no pin makes it possible to bring the fingers as close as possible to the center of rotation of the Bali, this guarantees a correct balance for great flipping performance! The weight is about 4,5 oz.
All the hardware (torx screws, collars and pivot barrels) are made in Ti 6Al-4V, pivot barrels are made in tolerance h7, the aligned pivot barrels system allows you to tighten the two screws with force allowing the blade to slide smoothly!
The blade is hardened with the technique of gas cooling in a vacuum environment this heat treatment guarantees the best performance for Rwl-34  steel that reaches a hardness of 61HRC.
The blade runs on steel ball bearings with hardened steel washers, the tolerances are adjusted by hand to have no play between the handles.

Important note:
The blade is sharpened only on the lower side, the top of the blade is dull.
All balisong models have no blade locking mechanism (latch-less), this to accommodate their use for sports purposes (Balisong flipping).

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Total Length (Open Position): 9,84″/ 25 cm
Total Length (Closed Position): 5,43″ / 13,8 cm
Handle Length: 5,39″ / 13,7 cm
Handle thickness: 0,55″ / 1,4 cm
Blade Length: 4,95″ / 12,5 cm
Blade thickness: 0,157″ / 0,4 cm
Weight: about 4,5 Ounces / 130 grams
Handle Material: Ti 6Al-4V
Handle Finish: polished at the ends, sand + bead blasting in the central part
Blade Material: Rwl-34 (61 HRC)
Blade Finish: High polishing
Pin Design: Pinsless
Handle Design: Channel
Latch Design: Latchless