Bayo Ref: 7321 d PD

Unique piece (1/1) single reference 7321 d PD (Not available)

High polish Damacore Bayo blade profile + DLC coating, the balde is hardened in vacuum environment + cryogenic treatment and reaches 60 HRC.
Single edge sharpening with Tormex waterstone up to 1000 grit.
The blade runs on ZrO2 ball bearings, hand tuned hardened steel washers (42/44 HRC) above the bearings ensure zero play.

High polish Ti 6Al-4v channel handles + horizontal laser engraved pattern + DLC coating.

Custom Zirc 702 Torx screws and Ti 6Al-4v Barrel Plug System (h7/H7 tolerance range between shaft and bore).
This balisong is built respecting the canons of pinsless design, no pin makes it possible to bring the fingers as close as possible to the center of rotation of the Bali, this guarantees a correct balance for great flipping performance!

This coating creates a thin 2 micron layer (hard 2200 HV) completely scratch proof and with a high depth of black coloring. The coating process is done at a low temperature so as not to alter the mechanical characteristics of the blade and handles.


Important note:
The blade is sharpened only on the lower side, the top of the blade is dull.
All balisong models have no blade locking mechanism (latch-less), this to accommodate their use for sports purposes (Balisong flipping).

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