Tanto Ref 9569 v hp

Limited edition of 8 pieces

Titanium 6Al-4V channel handles + high polishing Damasteel damascus steel Tanto blade.
In this limited series of 8 pieces I used a selective etching technique for the damascus blade obtained thanks to a pre-masking of the blade surface. This allowed me to get some intriguing shades on the different Damasteel damascus patterns.
All the hardwer: torx screws, collars and pivot barrel are made in  Ti 6Al-4V, pivot barrel are made in tolerance h7. The blade runs on steel ball bearings, the aligned pivot barrel system allows you to tighten the two screws with force allowing the blade to slide smoothly! I pay a lot of attention to the washers over the bearings, these are in hardened steel (45/47 HRC) and finished by hand to get the perfect tolerance, no play between the handles and a unique sound that distinguishes the Pinsless system.
The balde steel is hardened with vacuum treatment with gas cooling, this is to obtain the maximum performance for the damascus steel, reaches a hardness of 60 HRC.

Total Length (Open Position): 10″/ 25,6 cm
Total Length (Closed Position): 5,6″ / 14,2 cm
Handle Length: 5,55″ / 14,1 cm
Handle thickness: 0,55″ / 1,4 cm
Blade Length: 4,95″ / 12,5 cm
Blade thickness: 0,157″ / 0,4 cm
Weight: 4,2 Ounces / 119,5 grams
Handle Material: Ti-6Al4V
Handle Finish: polished
Blade Material: Damasteel damascus (Rwl-34 + PMC27) 60HRC
Blade Finish: High polishing
Pin Design: Pinsless
Handle Design: Channel
Latch Design: Latchless