Ref: 7465 pd

High polished Rwl-34 Bayo blade profile coupled with black DLC coated Ti 6Al-4V channel handles. Light and shadow coexist together creating the right harmony!
The DLC (decò) coating creates a thin very hard layer (2200 HV) that protects the handles even from scratches. Rwl-34 steel is hardened with vacuum treatment with gas cooling, this is to obtain the maximum performance for the Rwl-34 (61 HRC).
The blade runs on steel ball bearings, the aligned pivot barrel system allows you to tighten the two screws with force allowing the blade to slide smoothly! Hardened steel (45/47 HRC) washers over the bearings finished by hand to get the perfect tolerance, no play between the handles and a unique sound that distinguishes the Pinsless system.
Ti 6Al-4V torx screws, collars and pivot barrel, h7 tolerance for bore-shaft couplings.





Total Length (Open Position): 10″/ 25,6 cm
Total Length (Closed Position): 5,6″ / 14,2 cm
Handle Length: 5,55″ / 14,1 cm
Handle thickness: 0,55″ / 1,4 cm
Blade Length: 4,95″ / 12,5 cm
Blade thickness: 0,157″ / 0,4 cm
Weight: 4,23 Ounces / 120 grams
Handle Material: Ti 6Al-4V
Handle Finish: polished + DLC decò coating
Blade Material: Rwl-34 (61 HRC)
Blade Finish: High polishing
Pin Design: Pinsless
Handle Design: Channel
Latch Design: Latchless