Disassemble and reassemble the bali

The bali does not need much maintenance, sometimes it may be useful to disassemble it to clean and lubricate the micro ball bearings. This short video tutorial explains how to quickly disassemble and reassemble the bali.

The bali is composed of:
4 micro-ball bearings;
4 shims;
2 torx screws: T 10;
2 pins;
Two handles and the blade.

The pin has a knurl that connects it to the handle. For this reason, when you disassemble the knife, unscrew the screw and hit it with the hammer.

I don’t like using the Loctite to fix the screws on the pins, instead I use O-ring (a small rubber ring) that I insert into the screw. This ring also has the task of cushioning the blows of the micro bearings on the shims.